Aim of this course:

to master written French in order to be able to communicate more accurately and effectively.

    Your needs:

  • to know how to write reviews, presentations, reports, minutes, etc. in clear, concise and faultless French
  • to know how to present well-structured and convincing commercial offers, proposals, arguments, etc.
  • to know how to write e-mails

What we offer:

Linguistic coaching to give you a more thorough knowledge of the basics of grammar and spelling and teach you simple writing techniques, but above all, to give you more confidence in your writing abilities.


The course focuses on two main objectives:

to give students a better command of spelling and grammar – to avoid the many pitfalls of the French language.to teach basic writing techniques.

Nowadays, a good command of written French is important to companies, a growing number of which are giving their employees this opportunity under the In-Service Training entitlement.

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 An actual example

A construction worker in the Lyon region, originally from the Mahgreb, had never learned to read or write French.

Our job was to start with a very basic approach, focusing on his day-to-day practical needs (e.g: understanding signs on the road and on site, understanding his site manager’s instructions, writing a cheque, writing a letter to his family, etc.).

Our approach: We began by working on his self confidence (“I can do it”). We studied using real examples from his daily working and private life. Together we explored all his new skills, at his own pace.




With a view to  improving performance and support, JM-Formation  is keen to offer its clients a new package deal within the framework of “à la carte”  courses with very specific and functional objectives that go further than language courses :


  • To ensure a good interplay between the linguistic and communicational approach in order to facilitate communication.
  • Transactional Analysis (a communication tool) as an aid to relating to others by taking account of both the relational and linguistic aspects.
  • The point of learning a language is to connect with someone and establishing such a connection requires more than simply linguistic tools.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details!