Language assistance services

JM Formation provides comprehensive “à la carte” language services:

  • Secondment of translators on site
  • e.g. you would like to respond to a call for tenders and to know the contents of the large tender document before making a decision. The translator on the spot orally translates, with you, your selected passages without translating the entire document
  • or an interpreter/translator will accompany you on a visit to a company, industrial site or business negotiation and translate when necessary.

If you need language assistance, whatever it may be, just

Contact us !



Note-taking and minutes

e.g. : The translator takes notes during a face-to-face or large meeting held in a language you do not speak and provides you with written minutes


Checking and correcting your translations

Do you have doubts about the quality of a translation done by a colleague? Using criteria decided with you beforehand, we will proofread your document.
e.g. checking spelling, syntax, style, technical terms, etc. or carry out a final proofreading before printing


Telephone assistance

e.g :

  • Translator speaks for you on the phone during a conference call
  • Inputting text in foreign languages