The quality of your translations is not just the key to your international success but also reflects your professionalism and projects your image. Communicating in one or more languages is now the norm, indeed a priority, in most fields of activity. It is a “must” that requires the same high standards as you exhibit in your native language.

With its network of experienced translators, specialists in different sectors, JM Formation meets your translation needs:

  • in a wide variety of languages and subject areas
  • in your requirements and by your deadlines

“In our collaboration JM FORMATION is
responsive (…) and there is
quality and precision in the language”

Anne Masson

JM Formation’s translators use technology to benefit their clients:

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software is used to translate large technical documents into one or more languages, which saves time, ensures consistent terminology and a page layout as close as possible to the original documents.

Centralised Translation Management

Centralised Translation Management ensures that documents can be translated into several languages simultaneously, with the assurance that each translator works in their own mother tongue and that each translation is checked by a proofreader.

Terminology and Localisation:

we create a glossary for each client in the form of a data base which is regularly updated. This enables us to meet your most complex requirements.