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Melitta Janko
Director of JM Formation

For more than 10 years JM Formation has been helping its clients – businesses and institutions – achieve their international ambitions, by giving them the vital linguistic and intercultural keys to successful development beyond their country’s borders. JM Formation has a multicultural team of experienced linguists, teachers and coaches who share a common belief: no language or culture should ever be regarded as an insurmountable barrier. On the contrary, they are areas to be explored accessible to all, provided they are given the means.

For any business, whatever its size or type of activity, learning a foreign language, understanding a country’s cultural codes, improving the individual’s command of their own language and consolidating language skills are the hallmarks of self-fulfilment for the individual, the development of vocational skills and success.

International communication, including advertising and publicity, is now the norm, indeed a priority. The language conveys information and messages, so Its quality and accuracy are essential – not just for comprehension, but above all for the image of the company or institution. Hence the great care taken by JM Formation over choosing its translators: specialists who will preserve the full meaning and tone of your words.

Alongside these educational and translation activities, JM Formation has developed coaching and personal development services: for example, coaching for foreign postings, for managers, personal development of your staff, etc.

Language courses, translation and coaching.

JM Formation offers its private clients, businesses and institutions:

  • “Bespoke” language courses in foreign languages and French
  • From coaching in communication skills, personal development and support for foreign postings
  • Translation and interpreting services
  • A range of language assistance services

And more generally: intercultural support from learning the language to learning about the other culture in a world of growing communication and globalisation.


Our school

What guides us is…

  • our attachment to human relationships and the place of Man at the centre of any activity
  • our belief in everyone’s ability to learn
  • our determination to put the learner at the centre of the process and to treat him or her as the leading player in his or her education
  • our belief in the contributions made by multiculturalism
  • our close links to companies
  • our flexibility and responsiveness
  • our ability to adapt to your needs, without applying ready-made formulas that don’t apply to you
  • our sense of service and loyalty
  • the desire to offer the best value for money
  • respect for confidentiality
  • keeping our promises
  • a results oriented culture