• Consecutive interpreting
  • Liaison interpreting (or whispering)
  • Simultaneous interpreting (for international conferences)

Are you expecting a visit from foreign clients?
Are you organising a convention at one of your overseas subsidiaries?
Are you hosting an official delegation?
Are you planning a series of lectures to a multicultural audience?


JM Formation’s interpreting services can assist:

in a wide variety of languages and fields

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Consecutive interpreting

This method is very suitable for short events, press conferences, receptions, etc. The speaker and the interpreter speak one after the other

Liaison interpreting

(or whispering)

This method consists of interpreting for one person in a group

Simultaneous interpreting

(for international conferences)

This method requires technical equipment and at least two interpreters who take regular turns in the booth




With its network of experienced translators, specialists in different sectors, JM Formation meets your translation needs