Your CPF


Thanks to your CPF (Personal Training Account), your training rights follow you throughout your professional life.

With this device, your project to communicate better in foreign languages (English, Spanish, German, …… and also written French), becomes simple and accessible.

All our language training courses are eligible for the Personal Training Account; and we can support you with the procedures on the application software: moncompteformation

We are also an official centre for the Linguaskill and Bright exams: we can thus issue an official certification of your language level. We also take care of the organisation for your exam.


Some useful information:

CPF personal training outside working hours, called “CPF autonome”(autonomous CPF training), means that you register for training on your own initiative and your employer is not informed.

JM can help you with the process using the application: moncompteformation, follow the link.

CPF personal training during working hours, called “CPF accompagné”(accompanied CPF training), means that you register for training in agreement with your employer, who accepts that your training will take place during your working hours, and on the company’s premises.

Depending on the budget available for your CPF, your employer may help you financially;which means “topping up” your account directly in order to participate in the finances of your training.

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