Our Very Best Wishes for 2023

When we end a year, it is true that we always tend to look back, to take stock of what we have accomplished, to allow us to project ourselves into the future.

 It is also true that the future seems more and more uncertain – planning becomes increasingly difficult. Nevertheless, all that we have achieved gives us reason to move forward with serene certainty.

 The last two years that we have gone through have been marked by constant adaptation, as regards the COVID instructions and the endless changes in the directives imposed by the government concerningmanagement of the CPF (French public finance for training courses).

The investment in time and energy was considerable – in fact “enormous”.

 The guiding, driving philosophy of JM Formation is flexibility, adaptability and response. So, we managed to meet all these requirements.

 We were able to renew our Qualiopi (professional training) Certification for two more years.

Following a renewal of our partnership with certifiers, accredited by France Compétences, we have again put the ‘TOEIC & CLOE’ modules onmoncompteformation’.

 We have continued working with our corporate clients, who continue being loyal to us, by giving priority to training in English and French as a foreign language.

Thanks to our skill and experience, we were able to provide advice when needed.

And we intend to continue along this path in 2023.

 Our trainees still appreciate the flexibility of the courses by video and face-to-face; especially the 100% one-to-one courses. Our attachment to the human aspect, and our educational philosophy, still remain applicable!

 As for the CPF (training course finance), during 2023, we will again have to deal with constraints – registration security is now very strict. Therefore, longer and more laborious for those who want to register for training. Nevertheless, JM Formation will always be here to help you as much as we can.

 The economic panorama will change again in the implementation of On-going Training. As from Spring, the government has decided to demand a contribution to be paid by employees to finance their CPF. However, employees who embark on a ‘professional training project, co-constructed with their employer’ will still be exempt.

This looks like “back-to-square-one”!?

It would seem that we are “returning” to more supervision by companies, to ensure guidance of skills development. An evolution “in reverse” that I personally welcome because JM FORMATION will once again find its place as a partner (service provider and adviser) of companies in the On-going Professional Training.

 JM FORMATION has once again enriched its team with two new trainers. I take this opportunity to welcome them and thank the whole team for their loyalty, commitment and professionalism!!

 I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2023 – may it be serene and peaceful!


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