Deconfinement – Back to « normal » (English Version)

This is it! The planned deconfinement is taking place!

JM FORMATION, still and always operational since March 16, continues to pursue its language training.


At the start of confinement…

… some trainees were slightly hesitant, little or not confident enough in the effectiveness of videoconferences or simply, perhaps, not ready or willing to face the situational upheaval of the moment.

However, since April, almost everybody started training by videoconference which, overall, is working very well. The feedback from trainers and trainees is very positive.

Since our training takes place almost exclusively in a one-to-one module, the videoconference lends itself perfectly to this and does not lose in efficiency.


From May 11

…the return “to normal” is being prepared; employees and the self-employed are gradually returning to their companies, to their workplace, although teleworking is still the preferred solution.

In mutual consultation with trainees and in agreement with the company, our trainers are ready to travel for those wishing to resume classes at their workplace.

Similarly, JM FORMATION also opens its doors to welcome trainees at Sainte-Foy-Lès-Lyon, ensuring measures of barrier and physical distance:


Bearing in mind that teleworking will remain a priority for the majority, we will probably continue our distance training by videoconference.

We, at JM FORMATION, are proud to have been able to test the values that guide us:

  • Our attachment to human relationships
  • Our proximity to companies, our flexibility and our responsiveness
  • Our ability to adapt to your needs
  • Our sense of service and loyalty

Prenez soin de vous!  – Stay safe! – ¡Cuídense! – Bleiben Sie gesund!

Melitta JANKO


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