Velasquez is ___ famous painter.
  a) a    b) an 
It's ___ expensive hotel.
  a) a    b) an 
There is ___ European Conference in London.
  a) a    b) an 

He ___ The Times every day.
  a) read    b) is reading    c) reads    d) will read 
He ___ his first book in 1875.
  a) publishes    b) has published    c) published    d) will publish 
We ___ biology next year.
  a) will study    b) study    c) are studying    d) studied 
Frank ___ for an insurance company in Paris.
  a) is working    b) worked    c) has worked    d) works 
She ___ teaching there five years ago.
  a) has started    b) started    c) starts    d) was starting 

His name's Lucio.
  a) What is his name ?     b) Which is his name ?     c) Which his name is ? 
He studied in Milan.
  a) Where does he study ?    b) Where did he study ?    c) Where has he studied ? 
I think it would be a good idea if we ____ a new car.
  a) buy    b) bought    c) would buy    d) had bought 

Can I ask you ___ questions about Japan ?
  a) a few    b) any 
Don't you have ___ posters of Kyushu ? Oh, I see you have got ___ maps here.
  a) some    b) any 
  a) some    b) any 
I'm sorry. I've got ___ posters but I haven't got ___ maps.
  a) some    b) any 
  a) some    b) any 

___ is a lot of trouble in the Falkland.
  a) There    b) Their    c) They 
Berlin is bigger ___ Bonn.
  a) than    b) that    c) to 
How ___ newspapers do you read in a month ?
  a) much    b) many    c) a few 
We go skiing ___ Easter.
  a) at    b) on    c) for